Welcome on the pages of Java Concepts.

How stands behind ?

Java Concepts is in "real" term the team around the Software Architect Oliver Gries.


Why Java Concepts ?

The title shows the main focus of my work. All technologies around the subject Java.



  • born on 04/02/1970 in Bautzen / Saxony / Germany
  • School - Profession - High School - Study - Degree - 5 years working for an IBM subsidary - working as a freelancer from beginning of 2000
  • currently living near Dresden / Germany

Member of

Gesellschaft für Informatik Gesellschaft für Informatik
Berufsverband Selbständige in der Informatik BVSI
World Wide Fund For Nature WWF
verein für denkmalpflege und neues bauen radebeul e.v.
NABU - Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.
Verein der Freunde und Förderer der GS Niederlößnitz e.V.

Anything else?

If time provided I spend this on GT Media, a small production company for TV documentaries.

GT Media Documentation GT Media Documentation