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08/15/2013             Oliver Gries
Next availibility
At the moment I'm fully contracted in customer projects. I will be again available for new contract work at the beginning of January 2014

dbCopy Eclipse Plugin

More than 9000 downloads (July 2006) are a good indication for the interest in a small project regarding a tool for copying tables across multiple databases.

  • Stuart Guthrie: I'm very impressed with what you've done. Well done and keep it up. It's well needed. I have had success copying from MySQL to Postgres with one glitch.
  • Markus Zehnder: ... I'm using it successfully copying multiple tables from an Informix DB into a MySQL DB. Thanks Oliver for the great plugin
  • Fabrizio Balliano: I'd like to know if DBCopy is still developed or not, because I think its a really valid project.
  • Daniel Wong: I discovered your project here and think it is a brilliant project. Your project is really awesome, it solves many problem for the developers who did not know dbms admin very much.

We got a lot of positive feedback and many suggestions, hints and help for the first beta version relased in June 2003.

Unfortunately it is quite hard to keep track of all wishes so that they could be included in future releases. If you find the idea valuable and want to support this project, don't hesitate to help, your help will be more than welcome.

There is still much to do for a final Release 1.0.

jProject Business Suite

Now the webapplication we are using for managing our time tracking and project reports is free available under the Open Source license as well.

You can get a first impression by testing the Live Version.

Curriculum Vitae

Here you can find the current CVs and an overview about our activities and availibilities.

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